Best Crypto Trading Bots In Australia

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If you’re an investor who doesn’t like to keep a constant watch on market trends but still wants to maximise your benefits from their volatility, then crypto trading bots are for you. Crypto trading bots are programs that automate trades, executing them according to when they meet certain yield-specific conditions.

There are many Australian crypto exchanges that offer trading bots in the market. Some work on pre-defined rules and others can be altered according to your trading requirements. Finding the automated crypto trading bot that suits your needs can be tricky since they are a feature that is typically in the background of most exchanges.

Best Crypto Trading Bots In Australia

Below is the list of what we consider to be some of the best trading bots in Australia. We have ranked them on several factors including the crypto trading strategies they offer, how much they are to use, and the cost of using them.

  1. Bybit – Best overall crypto trading bots in Australia
  2. KuCoin – Most straightforward trading bots
  3. Pionex – Most innovative trading bots
  4. – Best trading bots for strategy
  5. 3Commas – Economical monthly subscriptions
  6. Coinrule – Best for ease of use
  7. Cryptohopper – Best bots for active traders

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Top Crypto Trading Bots in Australia – Our Reviews

Trading bots for making automated cryptocurrency trades are fast becoming more mainstream with beginners and experienced traders alike. They provide a great deal of convenience with their automatic nature and can help make a crypto trading strategy simpler, as you can pick and choose the bot that suits your needs.

In Australia, trading bots are not offered by the local crypto exchanges. Instead, you will need to go to a global crypto exchange. Since trading bots are not exactly the most prominent features offered by exchanges, they can get lost, making it hard to know which exchanges offer them. Moreover, trading bots can be unique; some are free some need paid subscriptions, and some are user-friendly while others are not.

1. Bybit – Best Crypto Trading Bots For Australians

  • Rating: ★★★★★
  • Number of trading bots: 2 (spot grid and DCA)
  • Cost: Free
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Crypto only
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: No
  • Visit Website

Bybit is a global cryptocurrency that supports Australian crypto investors and traders. In addition to its cutting-edge features and markets where you can apply leverage up to 100x on spot, perpetual, and futures markets, Bybit also offers simple bots to use on the spot trading market. It’s also a place to trade crypto without KYC (certain limits apply).

Bybit only offers two bots, however, the ease at which they can be used makes them an ideal choice for the everyday trader. You don’t need to sync the bot with a compatible exchange before using it. Additionally, with no fees to worry about, they can be used in your trading strategy free of charge. All you need to do is simply sign up and start using the grid trading bot by finding it on the dashboard.

The two trading bots that Bybit currently provides its customers are:

  1. Spot Grid Bot: The bot buys low and sells high to enable you to gain from volatile market conditions where the price is constantly fluctuating.
  2. Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA): Invest your money smartly by automatically purchasing digital assets at regular intervals. This commonly used strategy helps to mitigate against price fluctuations.

Whilst these bots are fairly simple, traders who want to create their own strategies can tweak the bot parameters to their liking – allowing them to automate the trade throughout the day. That said, creating a bot is an easy four-step process. All you need to do is select the trading pair (e.g. ETH/USDT), enter the lower and upper price bounds, select the number of grids, and the number of funds to invest. Bybit also provides a comprehensive list of articles you can look into when getting started.

bybit create a trading bot

If creating your own bots are not for you, then you can browse the most profitable bots in the last 24 hours or the last seven days. By clicking copy, you can copy the parameters of your preferred bot to use as your own.

In addition to the bots being free, Bybit is also a great crypto trading platform for Australian traders. It keeps the crypto fee low at just 0.1% for the spot trading pairs and 0.01% (maker) and 0.06% (taker) fee model for perpetual and futures trading pairs, which you can reduce to up to 0% by becoming a Pro 3 member on the platform.

In addition to spot and derivatives trading, Bybit also offers Bybit Earn. It allows users to earn crypto interest up to 10.1% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) through Bybit savings, up to 30.4% APY through liquidity mining, and up to 202.58% APY through short-term dual-asset investment. Other features include a robust NFT marketplace, however, art pieces and collectibles can only be purchased with Tether (USDT) or USD.

However, there is one negative with Bybit; it doesn’t accept AUD deposits. You can only deposit crypto. That said, you can still directly buy USDT, BTC, or ETH to fund your account. Doing so is free of charge.

Crypto trading bots are not new, however, they may be a new concept to some. Although spot trading grids and DCA bots are two of the most commonly used bots and Bybit does not offer more advanced types, the simplicity at which they can be used is astounding. If you’re pressed for time and can’t develop strategies right now, Bybit’s copy function is a godsend. If you’re looking for an alternative to Bybit, next on our list is KuCoin.


  • Great crypto trading bots for everyday Australians.
  • Investors can program their bots easily.
  • Possible to copy successful trading bots.


  • Doesn’t accept AUD deposits.

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2. KuCoin – Most Straightforward Trading Bots

  • Rating: ★★★★★
  • Number of trading bots: 150+
  • Cost: Free
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Crypto transfer, Visa and Mastercard bank cards
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: No
  • Visit Website

If you’re looking for a more user-friendly crypto trading bot that has a lot of pre-set templates, then KuCoin is a great choice. KuCoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges not just in Australia, but the whole world, with over 700 supported assets that can be traded across spot, margin, and futures markets.

kucoin crypto trading bot

KuCoin currently offers over 150 trading bots that cater to a wide range of new and experienced traders. Not surprisingly, the 5 most popular trading bots are beginner-friendly which is an indication of the exchange’s suitability for investors using trading bots for the first time.

  1. Spot Grid: The Spot Grid is a simple bot that allows you automatically implement a commonly used trading strategy – buying low and selling high.
  2. Futures Grid: Similar to the Spot Grid, your investment money is divided into several grids whilst applying the buy low and sell high approach.
  3. Smart Rebalance: Useful if you have a multi-coin portfolio. This will maintain the proportion of your asset allocations when buying low and selling high.
  4. DCA: The DCA bot lets you incrementally use your cash to buy small amounts of crypto at regular intervals. This is a popular trading strategy for beginners who want to accumulate crypto whilst reducing the affects of price volatility in the market.
  5. Infinity Grid: The infinity Grid performs the same function as the Spot Grid but applies to the derivatives markets and there is no upper limit.

Similar to Bybit, you don’t need to link with any other trading bot. And if you’re unsure about which bot is the most suitable for your portfolio, you can talk to other traders in the trading bot community. KuCoin’s trading bot community is perhaps the most active bot community – filled with members always willing to help fellow traders. You can also copy the trading parameters from the community members to your own.

As one of the biggest crypto trading exchanges worldwide, KuCoin has over 1 trillion accumulated trading volume. There is 24/7 customer support where you can ask other questions about using trading bot. In terms of value for money, KuCoin provides excellent trading fees of 0.1% for maker and taker orders on the spot trading market. This is on par with Binance Australia, another popular crypto exchange for beginners that we have reviewed. There is a mobile application that allows you to “trade anytime, anywhere”.

Although, the exchange does not allow Australian traders to withdraw AUD from KuCoin to a bank account directly. If you want to withdraw your gains, you must first send your crypto to another exchange, sell it and then transfer it to your bank before withdrawing. That said, KuCoin does have a fiat gateway that allows you to buy crypto to put in your crypto portfolio


  • Over 150 crypto bot templates to choose from.
  • A large community where you can copy trading bots from other traders.
  • Easy to implement and use bots with no linking required.
  • Excellent spot trading fees of 0.1% and 0.1% for maker and taker orders.
  • Mobile-friendly crypto trading application.


  • Doesn’t allow AUD withdrawals.


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3. Pionex – Most Innovative Trading Bots

  • Rating: ★★★★★
  • Number of trading bots: 16
  • Cost: Free
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Crypto only
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: No
  • Visit Website

Pionex is a cryptocurrency trading platform noted for its use of trading bots as a marketing tool. Needless to say, it is one of the most innovative trading bots on the list, offering 16 in-built trading bots. The platform is known for a robust collection of crypto assets, with 340 cryptocurrencies listed.

pionex crypto trading bots

Like the other crypto trading bots on this list, accessing the Pionex bots is also easy, only requiring you to sign up. Pionex’s trading bots can all be created directly from the trading interface. On top of this, Pionex will also provide recommendations on grid parameters to adopt which might be appealing for some. The recommendations are based on current market conditions over the previous 7 days.

In addition to the spot trading fees of 0.05% for maker and taker orders, Pionex’s trading bots can also be used on its apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. Pionex caters to a broad audience by providing a wide spectrum of trading bots.

Also, Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange with deep liquidity, aggregating its liquidity from leading exchanges like Binance and Huobi (read our full Huobi review). Overall, Pionex is a great option in Australia for crypto trading bots with 16 highly innovative tools to choose from. The low trading fees are another positive point, and it is licensed by FinCEN. The user interface of this platform is simple and customizable.

However, the lack of a demo account is a con – as it stops you from testing the crypto bot tools. Another con is the absence of support for AUD or any fiat deposits or withdrawals.


  • 16 in-built crypto trading bots that can fulfil smart trading strategies.
  • Straightforward to use and user-friendly.
  • Customisable user interface.


  • Does not offer a demo account to test trading bots.
  • Fiat deposits and withdrawals are absent.

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  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Number of trading bots:
  • Cost:
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Debit card, cryptocurrency
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: No
  • Visit Website, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on this list, launched in 2013. This cryptocurrency exchange also offers the widest range of cryptocurrencies having listed over 1400 crypto assets. One of the best features of this platform, however, is the strategy bots. It allows you to automate trading strategies by either creating your own or copying the techniques from the Strategy pool. Based on our comparisons, has one of the most improved copy-trading platforms for crypto to replicate others’ trades. trading strategy bots

The strategy pool contains a wide range of user-created strategy bots. ranks them under Quantitative rankings. You can pick and choose the best trading strategies based on between the previous 1 day to 30 days. These rankings will also give an insight into the Return on Investment (ROI) that you can gain by employing those strategies. And if you choose to create a strategy, you have an option to select from the following long-term templates:

  1. Spot Grid Trading
  2. Unlimited Grid
  3. Smart Rebalance
  4. Spots-Futures Crypto Arbitrage

Or, you can select one from the CTA signal tracing:

  1. MACD
  3. Double Moving Average
  4. Dual Average-RSI

If these options intimidate you, don’t worry. provides a lengthy and comprehensive tutorial to get started. You can also test strategy bots using the free demo mode. With paper trading, you can run backtests on the platform using these trading bots.

Overall, is a trustworthy crypto exchange that provides a platform for people to create their own trading bots. It has several options for everyday investors as well as day traders. If you don’t want to create your own strategy, you can tap into the robust strategy pool which are ranked all the time. The ability to create a demo account to test these trading bots is also a major positive of this platform. But, like most platforms on this list, depositing fiat currencies is not an option.


  • Best crypto exchange to copy high performing trading bots made by other users.
  • Trading bots are constantly ranked for metrics such as their ROI and return amount.
  • Over 1,400 digital assets listed.


  • No support for fiat deposits.

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5. 3Commas – Economical Monthly Subscriptions

  • Rating: ★★★
  • Number of trading bots: 12
  • Cost: Free (basic) to up to $24.99/month
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Bank transfer, crypto
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: Yes
  • Visit Website

3Commas offers some of the most robust trading bots for Australian traders – offering a great trading terminal that provides you access to 18 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike most crypto trading bots on this platform – 3Commas is not an exchange and is purely a provider of trading bots for cryptocurrencies.

It offers many strategies so you can maximise your crypto gains regardless of the market conditions. For instance, with the DCA Short bots, you can instantly buy tokens at a low price and sell them during a major growth. For bull markets, you can tap into DCA long bots to buy the dips and sell the spikes. And, for accumulating markets, you can pick the cryptos right when they reach support and sell them when their resistance level is close.

3commas trading bots

Another great feature is the free 3-day free trial. Furthermore, 3Commas also offers bot pre-sets that you can customize by integrating the signals of your choice. And this trading bot has to be connected with other crypto exchanges; it uses API keys for establishing a connection – keeping your data as secure as it can be.

3commas offers 3 subscription tiers, each with its own limits and fees. Once you complete the 3-day free trial, the option you select will automatically commence.

  1. Free Bot: As a free user, you get access to one grid bot, one options bot, one DCA bot, unlimited Scalper Terminal, and one Active SmartTrade.
  2. Light: The light version – previously known as the starter – costs $9.90 per month and gives you access to up to 10 active SmartTrades, up to 10 automated trading bots, Paper Trading, and unlimited Scalper Terminal.
  3. Advanced Traders: After paying $24.99 per month, advanced traders can gain access to one grid bot and one options bot. However, they have unlimited DCA bots, Active SmartTrades, and Scalper Terminal at their disposal. Furthermore, you can also Paper Trade as an advanced trader to keep checking the platform before applying.

Mobile users can keep an eye on their position via the mobile application.

Overall, 3Commas is a dedicated provider of crypto trading bots that allow you to focus on your strategies, where the free version has a lot to offer. And the access to multiple SmartTrade options is also a plus for the light version. However, in order to get access to paper trading to test your bots – you must get the advanced version.


  • A robust crypto trading bot.
  • A free 3-day free trial.
  • Connected to 18 cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Affordable monthly prices.


  • Advanced membership required to access paper-trading facilities.

6. Coinrule – Best For Ease Of Use

  • Rating: ★★★
  • Number of trading bots: 150+
  • Cost: Free (starter) to $449.99/month (Pro)
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Crypto only
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: No
  • Visit Website

Coinrule is a UK-based trading platform launched in 2018, allowing users to trade round the clock through automated trading. In addition to sporting a wide range of botting tools, Coinrule has more than 150 trading bot templates available.

One of the best features of this platform is its ease of use. If you’re a crypto trader who isn’t too bullish about the crypto jargon, Coinrule has an “if-then” parameter to set the trading strategy using crypto bots. And if you’re unsure, you can choose among the 150 templates.

Coinrule uses API keys to connect with 12 major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Poloniex, and more. Doing so ensures that none of your data is compromised at any time. Creating and choosing the rules on the platform is the simplest among the crypto trading bots. Just view the summary of the market conditions on the platform, set the parameters, and you’re good to go.

Coinrule’s inclination to keep the crypto trading bot accessible is the reason behind its accessibility. It takes a minimalistic yet comprehensive approach to UI – giving you a step-by-step strategy guide when you set your first parameters.  

Depending on your level of experience and crypto trading needs, you can choose from one of the 4 memberships. Prices range from the free-to-use Starter which contains limited functionality to the $449.99 Pro package.

TierMonthly CostNotable Features
StarterFree4 rules, monthly trading volume limit up to $5,000
Hobbyist$29.9914 rules, connected to 3 exchanges, 40 bot templates
Trader$59.9930 rules, 5 connected exchanges, unlimited bot templates, leverage strategies
Pro$449.99100 rules, unlimited connected exchanges and bot template, TradingView integration

Overall, Coinrule is a great platform, and the options provided for even the starter membership are substantial. However, if you want to reach out to the bot trading community, Coinrule has made Trader membership necessary – making hobbyist membership only for those who have complete faith in their cryptocurrency knowledge. That said, the one-on-one training session provided for Trader and Pro members is something you can look into.


  • Simple user interface for new traders.
  • Sign-up is free, and the starter membership is substantial.
  • Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and other major crypto exchanges are supported.


  • Need Trader or Pro membership to get access to the trading community.
  • Pro membership is extremely expensive.

7. Cryptohopper – Best bots for traders

  • Rating: ★★★★★
  • Number of trading bots: 150+
  • Cost: Free (Pioneer) to $83.25 (Hero)
  • Acceptable deposit methods: Debit card, cryptocurrency
  • Allows AUD deposits and withdrawals: No
  • Visit Website

The last crypto trading bot on our list is Cryptohopper. It sports many features suitable for more advanced traders, including more than 150 indicators that will allow you to fine-tune your trading strategy. There are many bot templates also available for traders.

Cryptohopper has paper trading features for you to test out your trading bots. You can also copy the bots of other, more successful traders via its social trading tools. That said, each Cryptohopper trading bot template is paid. In the Cryptohopper marketplace, you can pick from trading strategies, templates, signals, and also applications.

When it comes to pricing, Cryptohopper provides very competitive packages where the highest subscription still provides value for money.

cryptohopper membership plans for trading bots

Like Coinrule, Cryptohopper also offers access to 12 cryptocurrency exchanges. However, all the crypto exchanges are available for even the starters – with no paywall.

Overall, Cryptohopper is a good crypto trading bot for advanced traders in Australia. It offers many options and the multiple-indicators-to-trading-bots-connection is a plus, and that allows the trading bots to become even more personalized. That said, you’d need to pay to get extra signals integrated into your bot.


  • All exchanges accessible even for the starter members.
  • Trading bots are easy to set up.
  • Tutorial resources are good.
  • Excellent strategy marketplace to gain access to more signals.


  • Not suited for beginners.
  • Must pay for additional signals

What are the Benefits of Using a Crypto Trading Bot?

Whether you’re a beginner trader who wants to get deeper into the crypto market or a veteran seeking to diversify their crypto portfolio, crypto trading bots have multiple advantages:

No need to invest through emotions

Ever since the beginning of crypto trading, many of the price charts tend to move according to the whims of the community. It is because people either get over bullish about crypto or overly bearish. It further adds to the volatility of the crypto market. People have held on to their cryptos too long because of that and have lost their chance to make gains. With crypto trading bots, however, emotions are removed from the equation. If you don’t have the patience to always be updated with the trading charts to make a decision, a trading bot is a machine-centric way to invest, and it works.

Efficient crypto trading

Crypto trading becomes a lot more efficient with crypto trading bots. These multi-tasking programs can help you diversify or balance your portfolio on the fly and manage them without any hassle. Furthermore, since many bots also provide regular updates about the market, you can change your strategies if you want. Moreover, automated bots are useful at trading inefficiencies in the market between exchanges. This is due to differences in crypto prices across exchanges that can create opportunities to profit.

Crypto bots make trading simple

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to enter the market or a veteran wanting to do more simply, a crypto trading bot can help you in this regard. You’d not need to look at the charts each time you want to trade. The bots will make the trades for you when the market conditions meet your requirements.


Crypto trading bots can make life simpler for beginners and advanced crypto traders. In this article, we have reviewed and compared the best trading bots that are available to Australian investors and traders. These bots are legit, offer a wide array of options, and can automate your trades instantly. However, it is crucial to remember that trading bots are not the be-all and end-all of crypto trading. That is why you always do your research before using a trading bot. To learn the basics of how to trade crypto, here’s an article to read next.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It's important to understand that digital assets are risky, you should always do your own research and analysis before making any material decisions related to any of the products or services described. This article is not intended as, and shall not be construed as, financial advice.