Coinbase vs. CoinSpot: Which Is Better?


Review by Warren Wheeler

In this comparison article we will look at the differences between Coinbase and CoinSpot to see which one is better for you and your needs. Both are leading crypto exchanges in Australia in their own right with excellent features on offer. We will take a look at how both of these exchanges fees are structured, their deposit methods, user-friendliness, security and compare supported cryptocurrencies.

Final Results: After carefully reviewing and comparing Coinbase and CoinSpot we found CoinSpot to be the better exchange overall. Read our full review below…

Winner: CoinSpot 🏆
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Comparison Table

Coinbase Logo CoinSpot logo
Available Cryptocurrencies70+ Cryptocurrencies300+ Cryptocurrencies
Trading Fees3.99%0.1 – 1%
AUD Deposit OptionsBank Transfer, Debit Card or Credit Card, PayID/Osko, Cash and moreBank Transfer or PayID/Osko
Year Founded20122013
Mobile Trading AppImageImage
No Data Breaches or HacksImageImage
TrustPilot Rating1.6 Stars (6637+ Votes)4.53 Stars (1729+ Votes)
VerdictImage LoserImage Winner
WebsiteCoinbase WebsiteCoinSpot Website

Coinbase vs CoinSpot: Fees & Charges

One thing you really need to consider before signing up for an exchange is fees and how the fees work. First, let’s take a look at Coinbase:

Coinbase fees are on the high end at 3.99% and would be one of the highest compared to other exchanges such as CoinSpot, Swyftx and BTC Markets.

CoinSpot on the other hand is much lower with fees and the maximum fees charged are 1% for instant buys. Cash deposits are a bit higher at 2.5% but BPAY is only 0.9%. To find out exactly how to buy crypto with cash in Australia, read our full tutorial here.

Winner: Coinspot 🏆

CoinSpot’s fees are much lower than Coinbase so they are the clear winner when it comes to fees and charges.

Coinbase vs CoinSpot: User-Friendliness

Both exchanges have a clean, modern interface which makes it easy to navigate and trade. I would consider both web platforms to be beginner friendly. Each haS apps which are available on iOS and Android. The apps are also easy to use and free to download. Personally, I think CoinSpot is the better of the two but this was a close verdict and it will come down to user preference.

Winner: Coinspot 🏆

Even though both are user-friendly and similar in the design there must be one winner. This was a personal choice because I find CoinSpot to be faster and have better features and options.

CoinSpot vs Coinbase: Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinSpot is the easy winner when it comes to the amount of supported crypto. They have almost 4 times the amount Coinbase do with over 300 trading assets.

Coinbase only have just over 70 but they do add new crypto from time to time so that number may change but it seems to be going up very slowly compared to other exchanges like CoinSpot, Swyftx and others.

Winner: Coinspot 🏆

Once again CoinSpot is a clear winner. They have over 300 cryptocurrencies compared to Coinbase’s 78.

Click here to view CoinSpot’s supported cryptos

CoinSpot vs Coinbase: Reviews & Ratings

Because both exchanges have been around for almost a decade you’ll find plenty of feedback from the crypto community.

You only need to look at the ratings from members of the popular review site TrustPilot to see which is the clear winner here…

Coinbase TrustPilot Results
Screenshot of TrustPilot’s Coinbase ratings.

CoinSpot TrustPilot Results
Screenshot of Trustpilot’s CoinSpot ratings.

Winner: Coinspot 🏆

After reading reviews from reputable websites such as TrustPilot we found CoinSpot to be the clear winner here.

Verdict: Is CoinSpot Better Than Coinbase?


After comparing both side by side and testing features for 30 days I found that CoinSpot was by far the better option.

Coinbase’s fee structure really lets them down here and the crypto community obviously agrees.

CoinSpot are also based in Australia so customer support is also a LOT faster and better.

If you’re stuck on deciding which of the two to trust your money with, I recommend CoinSpot.

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