How To Buy Floki Inu Coin In Australia

Written by: Marcus Passey

If you are finding it difficult to purchase your shiny new Floki coin, the tutorial below will explain how to buy Floki Inu Coin In Australia using the easiest way possible.

Before you can buy your Floki coin we need to buy USDT from a popular Australian exchange like Coinspot.

The amount you invest is then sent to your account at a digital currency exchange called You can then use your USDT amount to purchase your Floki Inu coin.

So you will need to create an account at CoinSpot and But don’t worry follow our guide below and you will soon have your first Floki Coin.

Floki Inu logo
Image via OpenSea: Prince Floki#6 NFT

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How To Buy Floki Coin Australia

The Floki coin has not yet been listed on the big Australian crypto exchanges such as Swyftx and CoinSpot at the time of writing.

But both Floki fans and the Floki team, have been working hard to ensure it is easy not only for Australian investors to buy Floki Inu but of course worldwide too.

Ok, let’s follow the steps below to enable you to buy your Floki Inu Coin In Australia.

Step 1: Set Up Your Account At CoinSpot

It’s quick and easy to create a free CoinSpot account all you need is an email address and to create a password.

Click here to create your free CoinSpot account.

Just navigate to the top right where it says register click on that tab and enter the email you wish to use. You then create a memorable password.

That’s it your basic account is created, CoinSpot will then send you a verification email that detects you are a genuine customer. Click on that and the basic verification is done.

CoinSpot screenshot

Once your email verification is done, you will need to complete your verification in three simple steps in order to deposit AUD.

First, you need to enter your personal details. You then upload a form of photo identification my preferred choice was my driving license.

Once your documents have been submitted, the last thing you need to do is enter your mobile number. CoinSpot will send you a 6 digit SMS code.

Once this is entered you should receive a message about your verification process. I think mine said congratulations you are now verified to deposit $2000 AUD daily.

For security reasons, CoinSpot encourages you to also set up 2FA. This is to enable you to have a much safer digital currency trading experience. When you are in your account you will see a link at the top to enable 2FA.

Step 2: Deposit AUD Into CoinSpot Account

In your account, CoinSpot offers a few different deposit options to buy crypto with AUD. The easiest one is using a direct deposit from your bank. Be aware that each option will charge you a trading fee.

Only deposit what you are comfortable with investing, once the money is in your account you can buy your USDT.

In your dashboard, you will have options to buy hundreds of Cryptocurrencies. Scroll through until you find BUY USDT and just purchase the amount you require.

Buying Tether Coinspot

That’s it in the next step we now need to send our USDT amount to our Coinspot account.

How To Buy Floki on

As mentioned before the easiest way to buy the Floki coin, is through a leading global exchange like that lists Floki Inu.

Step 1: Set Up Your Account At

So what we will do is head right over to, go to the top right where it says sign up and then create an account.

Screenshot of

Again the process is pretty similar to CoinSpot or any other exchange. Once signed up an activation email will be sent to your given email address. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

You can get verified using the streamlined verification process, you will need forms of ID etc just like at CoinSpot just follow the instructions.

Step 2: How To Fund Your Account With USDT

From your CoinSpot account in the top menu, you will have a section that says wallets. Go ahead and select that and scroll down to your USDT amount.

You will then select open USDT wallet it could be BTC or any other coin for example. But in our case, we will just have OPEN USDT WALLET.

Look to your right and you will have an option to input the amount you want to send.

Then in the payments address field, you will have to enter the destination address. This will be the wallet address in your account.

Then you will have to enter the 2FA code you would have set up during the account verification process.

Then simply press send, and you will receive an email that will include all the details of the transaction. You should check it all over before confirming the withdrawal.

Now you will have the funds in your account to enable you to buy your Floki Inu coin.

Step 3: How To Purchase Floki Inu

When in your dashboard if you cant see Floki, just type it in the search bar and FLOKI_USDT will pop up. chart

Now using your USDT balance, choose an amount you wish to exchange for your Floki Inu coin and click on buy.

And depending on what the coin is worth on the day of purchase and how much you spent. You should now have in your account all of your shiny new Floki coins.

So that is the process on how to buy Floki Inu coin in Australia. it takes a few steps but until it is featured on the top exchanges this is the process to buy it.

What is The Floki Inu Coin?

Ok, we have our Floki coin but what the hell is it? Sounds like a character from the series of Vikings right?

It is actually a new crypto coin that was named after Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s pet dog Floki. I suspect Elon was inspired to take the name Floki after watching the series Vikings.

In fact, even though it’s just another dog based coin and was created by a fan community from Shiba Inu. They do have serious intentions to create something much more special than the average meme coin.

Floki is being called the people’s cryptocurrency. Their vision is for the coin to become the most widely used and known crypto.

The Floki vision involves what they call the three pillars, consisting of its meme status, its utility and its charitability.

Floki describes itself as a movement for everyone, the utility pillar is all about supporting and developing new and existing projects. Within these various projects, Floki wants to be able to use its coin to trade NFT’s and to purchase physical goods.

One example of the charitability pillar is Floki Inu has the vision to build schools in every nation in poverty around the globe. And striving to make the world a much better place for millions of people

Should You Invest In Floki Inu Coin?

The team behind the Floki coin appear to have a serious vision for its future, that being said it is new and meme coins are usually seen as a joke.

Hence why the altcoin is not listed on any of the big exchanges at this moment in time.

As always with meme coins, the price is extremely volatile as even a simple tweet from Elon Musk backing the coin can send the price soaring 300%.

The Floki Inu Coin is also the smallest out of the Dog inspired meme coins such as DogeCoin, my advice would be to not invest more than you can afford.

But that is not to say it is not worth investing as one tweet from Elon could make you a return of thousands on your investment. Then the next tweet could lose those thousands.

With these types of investments, my advice would be to buy into the weakness and then sell into strength.


You should now be very confident that you now know how to buy Floki Inu Coin from Australia.

You are in safe hands with the CoinSpot exchange. It is one of the top exchanges used in Australia.

If you have read through the entire article, and have not yet purchased your Floki coin you can create a CoinSpot account here.

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