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If you are interested in the Ethereum ecosystem and other DeFi technologies then you probably know Anthony Sassano. The founder of EthHub and popular podcaster is a millionaire, but how did he generate his net worth? We explore how he accrued his net wealth and the latest estimates.

What Is The Net Worth Of Anthony Sassano?

As of September 2023, Anthony Sassano’s net worth is estimated to be greater than $10 million. The major factors behind his net worth include 27 venture capital investments made since 2020 and the average entry price of Ethereum where he is anticipated to hold significant ETH tokens.

Sources Of Anthony Sassano’s Wealth

Anthony Sassano is a notable venture investor in the cryptocurrency industry and is known to have made at least 27 investments in the cryptocurrency space between August 2020 and July 2023. Approximately 37% of his investments are within the blockchain services space with DeFi coming second.

Some of his more notable investments include co-investments in the decentralised exchange Uniswap, ChainGuardian (a blockchain security company), Gnosis (a decentralised market prediction company), PoolTogether (a no-loss lottery platform), and Gitcoin (a funding platform for open-source projects).

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Source: Cryptorank.

With Sassano’s strong interest in Web 3.0, he has also invested in ventures that aim to propel blockchain and decentralised technologies. Several start-ups in the information technology and cybersecurity space have also been undertaken which is akin to his background in security. In July 2023, he was part of the Ion Protocol pre-seed funding round which raised more than $2 million.

The avid proponent of Ethereum was likely to be an early investor and therefore holds significant ETH tokens as part of his portfolio. This likely comprises a large proportion of Anthony Sassano’s net worth but there is potential that his assets also include Bitcoin. The rest of his net worth comprises capital profits raised from his active investments.

About Anatoly Yakovenko

Anthony Sassano is a well-known name in the Ethereum community. Some of the projects that have catapulted his name and reputation in the cryptocurrency world include the founding of the Ethereum education portal and podcast, EthHub. Along with having prior experience in cyber security, he also has a background in banking and telecommunications but also as a software developer. It was his software development background that enabled him to make his name in the cryptocurrency sector where he contributed as a noted speaker, writer, and investor.

In the public space, Sassano is prominent on his social media accounts where he creates a large amount of high-quality content, primarily regarding the Ethereum blockchain. His YouTube channel, The Daily Gwei, provides a wealth of educational material, tools, and resources in the form of a podcast and newsletter relating to Ethereum ecosystem topics and other Decentralised Finance (DeFi) applications.

In a recent interview with Anthony Sassano, the independent Ethereum educator revealed that he is deeply passionate about the progression of the blockchain and its real-world applications. Sassano also co-hosted the “Into the Ether” podcast, where he interviewed a range of key figures from the cryptocurrency sector to talk about the most recent advancements in the field.

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Much like other advocates of cryptocurrency such as Mike Novogratz, Sassano is a supporter of decentralisation and has contributed to several open-source crypto projects. Overall, the Angel Investor is regarded as a trusted thought leader and influencer in the Ethereum community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How rich is Anthony Sassano?

Independent Ethereum educator Anthony Sassano is estimated to be worth over $10 million. His net worth is based on his investment portfolio comprising 27 ventures and the average entry price of Ethereum where he holds ETH tokens in an unknown wallet.

Who is Anthony Sassano?

Anthony Sassano is a popular figure and thought leader in the Ethereum community. As one of the most committed individuals behind the public education of the blockchain and its real-world applications in the DeFi space, Sassano is the founder of EthHub, an education portal and podcast that focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem.


Anthony Sassano is an example of someone who has taken their passion for DeFi to the next level where he provides educational services relating to the Ethereum blockchain. In fact, his net worth of over $10 million is primarily due to his interest in DeFi technologies and his early investments in Ethereum.

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