How To Buy Gala In Australia

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Written by: Marcus Passey

Quick Summary: If you are an Australian crypto investor, in this guide I will show you how to buy Gala in Australia using the favoured exchange Swyftx.

Recommended trading account: Swyftx

The Swyftx exchange is extremely popular with Australians given its simple easy to use interface and low fees.

They also give you $20 BTC FREE just for creating a verified trading account.

If you feel the process of buying crypto like Gala may be too difficult don’t worry. In the tutorial below I will explain exactly how you can get hold of your Gala coins in super easy steps.

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How To Buy Gala In Australia With Swyftx

Step 1: How To Set Up Your Account

The best crypto exchange to buy your Gala is the Australian exchange Swyftx. They make buying and selling cryptocurrency super fast, simple and secure.

There are over 500,000 Australians using the platform. With over 310 assets to choose from with low trading fees, it’s a brilliant way to begin your trading portfolio.

Setting up your first account at Swyftx is as easy as 1,2,3. You create an account, get yourself verified deposit your cash and start trading.

The first step is to go to Swyftx and just enter a username you wish to use and a secure password.

Click here to set up your Swyftx trading account

Swyftx Account Creation Page
An image of the Swyftx account creation page

Verification is required by law, to protect both the customer and the cryptocurrency exchange. Swyftx has an account verification system that is both fast and easy to implement.

If you go to the left-hand menu, find the profile tab click on that then verification.

You will see dark orange tabs requiring you to verify first your email, then your phone number, then your ID in that order.

Once these steps are followed you can proceed to deposit your AUD. If you have any trouble you can contact Swyftx live support which is very efficient.

Step 2: How To Deposit Your AUD

So now we are all verified, we can go ahead and deposit whatever AUD amount we wish to use to invest.

Once again Swyftx makes this a very simple process and gives you a few deposit options.

You can use either a bank transfer, credit card, PayID, POLi, or even cryptocurrencies from other exchanges you belong to, to fund your account.

Just navigate to the deposit tab on the left click on that and follow the instructions.

Swyftx Deposit Page
Screenshot of the AUD deposit page

Step 3: How To Buy Your Gala

Ok so now we have a Swyftx account all verified and loaded up with our AUD amount, we can now go ahead and buy our Gala.

If you are looking at your Swyftx dashboard, just go to the left-hand side. Here you will see the trade tab near the top of the menu. Simply click on that and you will see the buy tab immediately below that.

Click on search assets and enter GALA, then simply add how much AUD you want to buy and click on instant buy.

In the example below I am investing 100 AUD which will give me 380 GALA.

Buying Gala on Swyftx exchange
Screenshot of the Swyftx buy assets page

So that’s it very simple, right? congratulations you now have 381 GALA coins to start off your cryptocurrency portfolio.

What Is Gala?

Gala is a play to earn Cryptocurrency token which is used on the Gala games platform.

Its mission is to create a range of blockchain-powered games that gamers will be excited to play. The Gala tokens are then used to purchase Gala games NFT’s, upgrades, and various in-game assets.

The decentralized Gala games network depends on the community-owned node ecosystem that gamers operate from their home computers.

Currently, Gala games are run on the Ethereum blockchain. But they are developing their own blockchain called Galachain.

The intention is to revolutionise gaming by giving gamers control over their in-game purchases and assets, without the risk of having anything taken away.

Currently, you could spend hundreds of hours and dollars purchasing assets and upgrades in your favourite game.

Then one day lose the lot if one of the big boy companies decide to ban you from their network for whatever reason.

This won’t happen within the Gala games network.

With gaming set to be a trillion-dollar industry within the Metaverse. Gala intends to make sure its members profit from multiple gaming platforms.

Gala has nine games featured on its network. Currently, one game is live called Townstar so you can play this to get a feel of the network.

The other games Legends Reborn, The Walking Dead: Empires, Mirandus, Legacy, Last Expedition, Echoes Of Empire, Spider Tanks and Fortified are either in development or beta mode.

Is Gala Safe To Use?

When an exchange lists a new cryptocurrency, they will have a policy framework in place. Also known as a digital asset risk assessment framework.

The exchange that will list the coin will have a list of standards that the candidate will have to meet in order to be listed.

These will include finding out what the development teams vision is, what problems the token will solve plus technology used, and market supply and demand.

These Australian exchanges don’t just want to throw up any old cryptocurrency on their exchange.

In the crypto wild west of the early days, new crypto was not vetted so well. Now the assessment framework is becoming the new industry standard, so you can be assured that Gala is safe to use.

Gala is listed on both the Coinbase exchange and the Binance exchange, plus many other big exchanges that support Gala.

The exchange you decide to use will be down to your personal preference for example based on ease of use, fees and security.


I hope you fully enjoyed the tutorial. hopefully, the steps I showed you on how to buy Gala in Australia were easy enough to follow.

Gala intends to shake up the gaming industry, by giving back gamers control of their investments.

It is expected to increase in value, for example, if you had invested $1000 in July 2021 at the coins highest price you would now be holding $100,000 worth of Gala.

Swyftx is more often or not my recommended and personal favourite exchange. However Coinspot comes in at a very close second place, you can read our full review of the CoinSpot exchange here.

If you have not already done so head over to the Swyftx exchange and start trading with Gala today.

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