How To Buy Cardano (ADA) In Australia

Written by: Marcus P.

Quick Summary: New to crypto trading and want to know how to buy Cardano (ADA) in Australia? In the simple guide below I will show you how easy it is to buy your first Cardano.

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How To Buy Cardano (ADA) In Australia With Swyftx

Step 1: Lets Set Your Account Up

The exchange we highly recommend when starting out trading is the Australian exchange Swyfx, its head office is in Brisbane Australia. It currently has over 500,000 Australian members who joined for the easy sign-up process, super simple interface and low fees.

Not to forget they have on offer over 310 assets to trade in, and not only that as a welcome gift for creating an account you receive $20 of BTC FREE to trade with.

So the very first step is to head over to Swyftx and enter a username and a memorable secure password of your choice.

Once you have completed this, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions before clicking the create my account button.

Go here to create your first Swyftx trading account. Be sure the page has the promotion code applied so you receive your $20 worth of BTC…

Swyftx Sign Up Bonus
A screenshot of the Swyftx account creation page

Step 2: How To Verify Your Account

All cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia have some sort of account verification, this protects both the exchange and the trader.

Australian Businesses also have to be registered with AUSTRAC by law if providing digital currency exchange services.

Swyftx has a verification process that again is fast convenient and super easy, over 70% of customers are verified within two minutes of creating their account.

Once signed into your account, you will see the left-hand menu go to the profile tab, just click on it then verification.

You will then see three orange boxes where you can click the tabs to verify email, mobile phone number and a form of photo ID.

It is very simple but if you do run into any trouble at all you can contact Swyftx live support which is very helpful and responsive.

Congratulations all verified, we can now proceed and deposit our first AUD amount.

Step 3: How To Deposit AUD Into Your Account

So now we are all verified let’s go ahead and fund our Swyftx account with our AUD amount.

Typically most people will deposit funds into their trading account using a bank transfer but you can also use a Debit card, Credit card, Cryptocurrency, POLI and PayID.

So as you did before navigating to the left-hand menu, find the deposit tab click on that and simply follow the instructions.

Swyftx Deposit Page
Screenshot showing the AUD deposit page

Step 4: How To Buy Your Cardano (ADA)

Ok so now we should have our account showing whatever AUD you just deposited, Let’s buy our Cardano (ADA) then.

Once again navigate to the left-hand side menu to find the trade tab which is near the top, click on that and the buy tab will pop up below.

You then click on search assets and enter Cardano, enter the amount of AUD you wish to invest from your balance and click instant buy.

In the example below I have entered an investment amount of $100 AUD which will give me 67 ADA.

The Swyftx trading page showing how to buy Cardano in Australia
Screenshot of the buy page

And that’s it you now own 67 ADA congratulations simple right?

What Is Cardano?

Cardano is a public layered third generation blockchain that is open-sourced and decentralized. ADA is the native token of Cardano that can be used to purchase goods, services plus send and receive funds.

Cardano is unique as instead of whitepaper it is built around peer-reviewed papers so experts around the world read them and improve upon them before signing off.

The development of Cardano is in good hands as it was founded by Charles Hoskinson who is the co-founder of Ethereum. His mission is to develop a more sustainable and stabilised ecosystem for cryptocurrencies

It is being built in five development stages are known as foundation,(Byron era) decentralization,(Shelley era) smart contracts(Goguen era), scaling(Basho era), and governance. (Voltaire era)

Each phase has been named after an influential historical figure and referred to as eras,

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain bitcoin first Ethereum second and wants to improve the future of digital transactions.

Is Cardano (ADA) Safe To Use

Cardano would not be on the big exchanges if it wasn’t considered a safe investment, all exchanges carry out their own procedures before adding a new asset to their list.

So Cardano is a fundamentally safe investment, and of course, the team behind it are very respected in the Blockchain community.

As with all cryptocurrency investing in it is a risk and I advise you to use your due diligence and research before diving into an investment.

Never invest more than you can afford, good luck and happy investing.

Other Australian Exchanges To Buy Swyftx

Swyftx is the best exchange in our opinion when looking to purchase any new Cryptocurrency and is highly recommended by us.

But if you reside in Australia, we would also like to recommend a couple of other exchanges from our reviews list for you can try which are CoinSpot, Binance and Digital Surge.

We also have a comprehensive review of all the top Australian exchanges you can also try, but Swyftx remains our top choice.


You should now have a clear idea of How To Buy Cardano (ADA) In Australia.

As mentioned before Swyftx comes highly recommended and is my favourite Australian exchange. If you have not already signed up head over to Swyftx and create your free trading account and start trading today.

Don’t forget you will get your $20 BTC completely free after creating your account and start trading today. Follow the instructions in this article to claim the Swyftx referral bonus.

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