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AU$ 0.101635

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What’s the price of Tron today?

Today’s TRX price is AU$ 0.101635 and it is currently ranked #17 with a volume of AU$ 533,979,857.

Here you will also be able to follow the live price of Tron ( TRX ) at the top of the page, it refreshes around every ten seconds.

You can follow live charts at the bottom of the page and analyse the market so you can make the decision to invest or not for that day.

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Where to buy Tron?

The fastest and easiest way to buy Tron in Australia is by signing up to our recommended exchange Swyftx.

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Other exchanges that host Tron are – CoinSpot Exchange and Digital Surge.

What is Tron?

Tron ( TRX ) was created in 2017 by the Tron foundation, their focus is to decentralize the web and compete against Ethereum.

They want to cut out the middle man and create a platform to connect the consumer directly to the content producer. Therefore cutting out having to go through a typical centralized organisation like Netflix or Spotify.

It is a proof of stake blockchain that powers the Tron network. The Tron blockchain can handle 2000 transactions per second, in comparison, Ethereum can only handle 25 per second.

FACT: Did you know there are zero transaction fees for Tron?

Tron appeals to online gaming, social media and all other forms of online entertainment and is being touted as the next-gen social media platform.

Tron’s native token is TRX known as TRC10 and TRC20 and is a proof of stake coin, its main use is on the Tron network.

Tron Price Charts

AU$ 0.101635
AU$ 0.000783
⇣ 0.101255
11 Aug
⇡ 0.102400

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