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AU$ 0.116794
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What’s Today’s price of Hedera (HBAR) today?

Today’s HBAR price is AU$ 0.116794 and it is currently ranked #40 with a volume of US$ 43,992,772.

Welcome to the Hedera Hashgraph price page. Here we display the live price above, which constantly refreshes around every ten seconds.

Want to know many HBARS you can get?

Just enter your AUD amount in the converter tool under the live price display. You will see the amount of HBAR you will receive instantly; you can also enter USD and GBP.

Assess today’s market using our handy charts at the bottom of the page before you decide to invest.

Where to buy Hedera?

So there are many excellent Australian exchanges we can use, but all come with different features.

With this in mind, we have tested many of these exchanges and our personal preference, and one we highly recommend using is the Swyftx exchange.

With their easy three-step signup and verification process, simple-to-use interface, it’s no wonder over 500,000 Aussies are using it.

Let’s not forget the low fees, multiple payment options, and the massive choice of crypto assets you can invest in.

Plus, when you create your first account with Swyftx today, you will get $20 BTC FREE just for signing up.

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Two other exchanges I would recommend are Binance and CoinSpot.

What is Hedera?

Hedera is a 3rd generation public decentralized ledger that uses a consensus algorithm called Hashgraph. It is designed to be both scalable and fast and will be used to support new and existing applications.

Earlier proof of work blockchains such as first-gen Bitcoin and second-gen Ethereum demand higher energy use. This leads to slow minimal transactions that carry high fees.

Hedera uses the more up to date proof of stake network. This brings super fast high transactions per second with minimal fees.

In fact, they claim to be able to support over 10,000 transactions per second with the Hashgraph consensus offering the highest security possible.

Hedera Hashgraph uses HBAR as its native cryptocurrency to pay for transaction fees, in-app payments and for the protection of the network.

This cryptocurrency seems to be getting rave reviews from many sources. The company are saying it’s at the forefront of the future of public ledgers.

it could prove to be a good investment but always bear in mind not to invest more than you can afford. And always use your due diligence before making that investment.

Hedera Price Charts

Hedera (HBAR)
AU$ 0.116794
AU$ 0.003936
⇣ 0.113146
11 Aug
⇡ 0.119320

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